New Products

X-1   4.5 octave professional xylophone = call for price.

  1. BulletHighest quality wide bar rosewood keyboard available

  2. BulletRanges 3.5, 4 or 4.5 octaves.

  3. BulletQuint tuning like the legendary Leedy and Deagan Artist Specials

  4. Bullet3d pattern sanded brass resonators, tunable throughout full range

  5. BulletSmooth, infinite height adjustment.

  6. BulletCompletely rattle free frame and bar suspension

  7. BulletStunning brass, steel and lacquered solid wood frame.


M1 - Beginner model marimba 3 oct., middle C lowest note. ask your local music store to contact us to arrange for your school.

  1. BulletREAL concert size keyboard

  2. BulletPadauk keyboard, option for rosewood

  3. BulletLightweight and portable

  4. BulletSolid wood frame, not plastic or mdf

  5. Bullet3 position height adjustable X stand

  6. BulletBest value for a beginner model on the market!

    How much longer can our elementary band students tolerate those awful, poor quality, plastic

framed “bell kits?” They sound like toys, the frames fall apart with the slightest bump and the hardware and cases can’t hold up to normal “kid use.”

    WE HAVE THE ANSWER! Introducing the DeMorrow XK 1. Designed to the same standards of the world’s most respected percussion keyboards, this sturdy, lightweight frame holds 2.5 octaves of rosewood bars. No cheap aluminum toy bars here. You can even hold the instrument upside down and the bars remain intact. This great sounding keyboard comes with an adjustable X stand, custom made case with wheels, mallets that are specific to this marimba, and a frame mounted attachment with drum pad.

    We are looking to get these kits to music stores nationwide for students to rent instead of the toy bell kits everyone has been using for decades. Please have your local music store contact us at 870-403-0019 to arrange for some trial units for your program. This is designed for a rent to own program through your music store. These are GREAT pit xylophones too!

  1. BulletRent to own through your local store.

  2. BulletSturdy metal painted frame

  3. Bullet2.5 octave range

  4. BulletGreat sounding rosewood bars

  5. BulletBlack metal adjustable X stand

  6. BulletBuilt in attachment with drum pad

  7. BulletMallets designed for THIS instrument

  8. BulletQuality custom case with wheels

  9. BulletThe NEW standard for beginning percussion students in schools!