It’s the sound, the feel, and the quality that makes us different. DeMorrow instruments use only the highest quality Honduras rosewood bars for our full sized marimbas, rather than cheap Padauk just to lower the price. We use brass, round resonators because it results in the best sound over the full range. Frames are steel and solid oak, not particle board covered in vinyl. Yet, we offer the ONLY concert rosewood marimbas on the market under $4,200. You won’t find that level of value or quality from any other company!

M3  SEP model      4.3 Oct. = $4,185 + shipping   

                              5  Oct. = $7,285 + shipping

  1. BulletBEST VALUE rosewood marimba on the market today!

  2. BulletGraded rosewood bars

  3. BulletBlack solid wood ends and bar rails

  4. BulletSmooth height adjustable frame

  5. BulletEasy to transport and assemble

  6. BulletBlack brass resonators

  7. BulletFull range tunable stops

  8. Bullet“Buzz free” soft cotton bar chord

  9. BulletLockable casters

  10. BulletCompletely rattle free

  11. BulletAdjustable height, rosewood

        UNDER $4,200!

M4  Studio   4.3 Oct. = $5,035 + shipping

                    5 Oct. = $8,955 + shipping

  1. Bullet Graded rosewood bars

  2. Bullet Solid oak ends and bar rails.

  3. Bullet Smooth height adjustable frame

  4. Bullet Easy to transport and assemble

  5. Bullet Black brass resonators

  6. Bullet Steel powder coated frame

  7. Bullet Full range tunable stops

  8. Bullet “Buzz free” soft cotton chord

  9. Bullet Lockable casters

  10. Bullet Completely rattle free

  11. Bullet Incredible value

M1 - Beginner model marimba. Ask your local music store to contact us immediately to be added to our dealer list.

  1. Bullet3 oct., middle C lowest note

  2. BulletREAL concert size keyboard

  3. BulletHand selected Paduak keyboard

  4. BulletLightweight and portable

  5. BulletSolid wood frame, not plastic, mdf or particle board

  6. Bullet3 position height adjustable X stand

  7. Bullet1/2 the price of any other beginner model on the market!

  8. BulletRosewood bars, add $250.

M2 - Practice model 4.3 AND 5 oct.

4.3 oct. = $2,860 includes shipping

5 oct. model = $3,150 includes shipping

  1. BulletRosewood bars

  2. BulletSoft cotton bar chord

  3. BulletSolid oak end boards and bar rails

  4. BulletSmooth adjustable height

  5. BulletNo resonators

  6. BulletGREAT for dorm room or apartment

M5 Concert  4.3 Oct. = $7,790 + shipping

                    5 Oct. = $12,587 + shipping

  1. Bullet Select rosewood bars

  2. Bullet Furniture grade Wood based frame

  3. Bullet Pattern sanded brass resonators

  4. Bullet Full range tunable stops

  5. Bullet “Buzz free” soft cotton bar chord

  6. Bullet Lockable casters

  7. Bullet Completely rattle free


The metal-based frame option which is height adjustable comes in a

4.3 octave = $8,260 + shipping or a 5 octave = $13,170 + shipping